Our Story

Alonghemy is a brand of modern home furnishings that offers unique value to customers around the world. Founded in 2016, it has now become one of the leading home eco brands in China. Over the years Alonghemy has continued to explore and evolve, further enhancing its design in comparison to its early days. We are committed to staying on top of trends and maintaining enduring designs. We will give you the feeling you want when you need it most. And of course, we are always in progress.

We have been guided by boldness, flair, freedom, authenticity, fashion, and quality as our goals over the years, and as a result, we have accumulated many different groups of clients over the years. Of course, we are also a brand willing to listen, so if you have better ideas and inspirations, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a better service that Lets you enjoy instant and perfect shopping.

Reasons to choose Alonghemy:
  • Free shipping
We offer free shipping worldwide. Of course, there are two shipping options for you to choose from. We guarantee damage-free and completely safe shipping.

  • Security
We use PayPal, currently, the largest secure payment service provider in the United States, to process all of our credit card payments, allowing you to pay for your order risk-free, whenever and wherever.

  • Price Promise
We are constantly reviewing its pricing so we can offer the best deals to our customers, but it would be impossible for us to know all our competitor's prices all the time. If you find the product you are interested in cheaper elsewhere, please contact us and we will match your price, refund you the difference and provide you with appropriate compensation.